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The accuracy of the information

in each Profile is the responsibility of the respective survey respondents at the time of survey between February-April 2014

Choong Pai Chee

Facilitator, Project Manager/Coordinator/Administrator. Runs a registered socity called Persatuan Benih Hijau

Languages spoken: 

Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin


Based in community: 



Size of organisation: 

18 staff

15 female 3 male


Target age groups: 

All of the above


Ethnic group

Single (Chinese) 


Mission/Personal statement:

A full time homemaker who conducts community education projects while taking care of her two children.


Community-based work interests: 

Raise awareness

Transform consciousness

Transforms spaces


Types of community where work is conducted: 



Types of activity:

Organising events: Festival


Public art and design: Outdoor sculpture/installation, Street furniture,


Community interventions: Cleaning up and redesigning public spaces, Creative activities for improved livelihood, Creation of shared spaces for creative/culture activity

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Contact Details: 


+6019-350 3563

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Resources & Additional Links

PROJECTS                                                     DATE                                               SHORT DESCRIPTION

Care of our children, Care of our education, Community Caring Activities


Community activities in Chinese new villages, organised with the United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia,UCSCAM. 

"I am a small vanguard of environmental protection"


Promotion of environmental awareness through activities in schools.

Book reading and storytelling In Chinese New Village


Chinese Village storytelling activities to promote interest in reading 

Workshop “Women and Politics”


A programme in give different communities, to give opportunity for women to speak out and find their own voice for greater autonomy.

“Look Port Weld” Kuala Sepetang Arts Carnival


A festival using arts and culture to celebrate the history and culture of a traditional fishing village in Kuala Sepetang, Perak.

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Resources & Additional Links

Products and printed collaterals

Tee-shirts, Poster, Banner, Community Newspaper

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