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Join the Network

If you are an artist working with communities or are involved in community-based arts or culture

projects, we want to hear from you!


Download the survey form here and send it back to us at


Survey form English -Bahasa Malaysia (pdf link)

Survey form English -Bahasa Malaysia (word doc link)


Survey form English -Chinese (pdf link)

Survey form English -Chinese (word doc link)

Why be a part of the network?


Networks are able to provide valuable support through knowledge-sharing activities, opportunities for collaborations and exchanges, sharing of human resources, and other forms of growth and development.


Being connected means being better organised, and through better organisation individuals or groups can gain greater recognition and credibility amongst would-be funders.


Models of vibrant community-based arts and culture work in other countries have shown us the benefits to be gained in terms of access to funding, greater impact with the communities they serve, greater community participation and appreciation, and increased likelihood of sustainability. They achieve this in part due to their strong network— sharing information, knowledge, support and resources—and we hope to build an equally strong network here in Malaysia first, and then with the region.

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