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in each Profile is the responsibility of the respective survey respondents at the time of survey between February-April 2014

Alex Lee Kuan Chien

Artist, Project Manager

Languages spoken: 

English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin


Based in community: 



Target age groups: 




Ethnic group



Mission/Personal statement:

Participated in general planning and administration work in various projects. Initiated and managing the Ipoh Bus Project.


Ipoh Bus Project focuses on “recording tangible and intangible community content from the target area (Ipoh); e.g. where in their area is their favourite food stall, any stories about the (neighbourhood), etc. The community of the Ipoh Bus Project is huge, with many people associating themselves with Ipoh even though it is out of the official city limits. Ipoh has a population of over 800,000 people so I only target areas within walking distance from the bus routes. Because of this, this project is more outward looking than the usually tighter community focus in target areas.”


Community-based work interests: 

Address issues in the community

Provide exposure to community

Cultural documentation 


Types of community where work is conducted: 

Residential: Urban, Urban village, Suburb

Non-residential: Association

Residential, type of housing area: Housing estate, Apartment blocks/Flats, Kampung


Types of activity:

Organising events: Street fair, Festival, Showcase/performance/exhibition, Artist-in-residence programme


Public Art: Wall murals, outdoor sculpture/installation, street furniture, public  garden/park/space (Ah Soh Place)


Community interventions: Creation of shared spaces for creative/culture activity, cleaning up and redesigning public spaces


Workshops: Film/photography, craft


Research & Documentation: Community mapping/ data collection for Ipoh Bus Project

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Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

+6012-526 3690

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Contact Details: 



Short Description

mAAN Mentok Tin City Design Workshop (Indonesia)


Participant : Place-making and mapping workshop to produce a town-wide architecture and planning proposal taking community considerations.

Kuala Terengganu Design Workshop


Participant : Place-making, tangible and intangible heritage mapping workshop to produce an architecture and planning proposal taking community considerations.

Petaling Street Community Art Project


Provided assistance: A street art festival with the purpose of

empowering locals to play an active role in their locality.

Ipoh Bus Project


Project lead: A place-making and mapping project to record community content and develop an identity for Ipoh-ites to be proud of.

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