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Elaine Foster

Artist-Facilitator Project Manager/Coordinator/Administrator


Languages spoken: 



Based in community: 



Target age groups: 

Youth aged 18 above and young adults



Ethnic group




Mission/ Personal Statement: 

A professional working artist and teacher who writes and performs performance poetry solo and in ensemble; and develops, designs and hosts spoken word events.


“I teach spoken word and poetry slam in secondary schools across Malaysia (and) am in the midst of developing a Malaysian inter school poetry slam...I also use Theatre of the Oppressed practices in my speech and drama work with schools and other communities. As a volunteer with Fallen Leaves (a Batu Arang based community who use theatre and arts, specifically Theatre of the Oppressed (T.O.T.O.), I have worked with recovering drug addicts and people living with HIV and AIDS, HIV orphans and Myanmar refugees focusing on issues like gender and gender violence, English as a second language, peer pressure and addiction. …Again, using drama and theatre, I ran an anti-homophobia invisible theatre workshop with the LGBTIQ community in 2013 with the intention to develop creative interventions to the problems facing them. … (I also) run queer women events like film screenings, talks and social events that include, platform and develop queer women artists, musicians, comedians, poets and performers.


Community-based work interests: 

Raise awareness

Building community relations

Address issues in the community


Types of community where work is conducted: 




Types of activity:

Organising events: Festival, showcase performances/ exhibitions


Community interventions: Creative activities for improved livelihood, Creation of shared spaces


Classes:Acting/ drama, Writing/ poetry


Workshops: Acting/ drama, Writing/ poetry


Research & Documentation: Design of lesson plans and curriculum in the form of manuals. 


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Individual Profile

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Contact Details: 

Kuala Lumpur

+6016-357 2610

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PROJECTS                                    DATE                                              SHORT DESCRIPTION

Gender Workshop


Myanmar refugees - Tenaganita

Fallen Leaves


Various trainings and workshops with the Batu Arang communities – HIV/AIDS, dru addiction, children and school workshops

Young Women Making Change


In collaboration with IWRAR and the UN, working with young women activists to empower them to oraganise and be activists

Invisible Theatre – Anti-Homophobia


Workshops for Seksualiti Merdeka

Smart Queer Girls


A collective/resource to empower queer girls and womyn including arts events, film screenings and social gatherings.

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Resources & Additional Links

Facebook Page

Smart Queer Girls- FB Page

Online collaterals


Printed collaterals

SM (Togehter Life Gets Better (TLGB)) booklet (Invisible Theatre workshop)

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