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Foo Wei Meng

Facilitator, Cultural Worker, Project Manager/Coordinator/Administrator

Languages: English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia


Based in community:



Target Age Group: 

Children aged 12 and below

Children aged 13-17 

Older generation/retirees 

General (PuduCAP) Musicians, weavers, wood carvers, dance troupe, poet, storyteller, children 

(Cerita Ori)


Ethnic Group:

Mixed and single (Chinese) 



Mission/Personal  Statement: 

Independent arts & culture worker available for hire on individual projects or for collaborative work, with project management experience and fine arts training.


Community-based work interests: 

Address issues in the community 

Cultural documentation 

Raise awareness 


Types of community where work is conducted: 

Urban, Rural

Type of housing area: Apartment blocks/Flats, Kampung

Types of Activity: 

Organising events: Festival, Showcase/performance/exhibition


Community interventions: Creative activities for improved livelihood


Workshops: Design


Research & Documentation: Currently is involved in a project conducting preliminary research on Penang Potehi puppet troupes investigating their challenges, and documenting the condition of the puppets owned by the troupes taking note on their condition, origin and categorization of characters.

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The accuracy of the information

in each Profile is the responsibility of the respective survey respondents at the time of survey between February-April 2014

Contact Details: 

Kuala Lumpur

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PROJECTS                                            DATE                                                SHORT DESCRIPTION

“Cherita Lebuh Chulia”


A pilot-project on oral history collection, documentation and interpretation in George Town, Penang under George Town World Heritage Incorporated.

“Maju Jaya Children Playground Design Workshop”

25 June – 24 July 2011

8-sessions workshop facilitating the children in Block C, Taman Maju Jaya low cost flat in creating a model of a playground to be used as reference for the new playground design in their community as part of the Maju Jaya Urban Regeneration Pilot Project (initiated by Mr. Wong Hoy Cheong).

“Pudu Community Art Project”


Pudu community-based outreach project linking art, culture and humanity where the Moon Walk Pudu Art Fest was organized and held from 11-25 September

“Cerita Ori”


A series of activities that centre around the original folklore of Peninsula Malaysia’s indigenous peoples.

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