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Artist, Facilitator, Artist-Facilitator, Cultural worker, Project Manager/Coordinator/Administrator (Arts Collective)

Languages spoken: 

Mandarin, English, Bahasa Malaysia


Based in Community:



Target age groups: 

Children aged 12 and below

Children aged 13-17

Older generation/retirees



Ethnic Group:



Mission/Personal Statement:

Lost Gens is an artist collective that organises fine arts activities as well as their work with communities. Their work with communities is focused on urban communities in the immediate and neighbouring vicinities of the Lost Gens base in Kuala Lumpur,


“(Most of) the old townships in Malaysia… face the problem of aging community and the migration of residents to city. This has a very close link to the economic activities and the people (especially the younger generation) who long for a more modern lifestyle, and (it’s also) related to development plans  by the authority…. Some communities such as Bukit Cina and Pudu, the main issues are the losing of their own local culture and traditional trades; what we can do is merely document their history and through workshops, exhibition and related activities, highlight their historical value.…(In) Petaling Street and Kampung Berembang, the main issues were because of urban development and the loss of their community and home (and usually linked to business crony!). To intervene in this issue, the method that we used was to document the community history to raise the awareness within the community. At the same time, we also work closely with the local groups/organisations/ state representatives to hold demonstration/protest, raise media attention and pressure in hope that these actions could prolong the duration of staying in the community (and) avoid eviction.”


Community-based work interests: 

Raise awareness

Cultural documentation

Art education


Types of community where work is conducted: 

Urban, Urban village 


Types of activity: 

Organising events: Street fair, Festival, Showcase/performance/exhibition, Artist-in-residence programme


Public art and design: Wall murals, Outdoor sculpture/installation, Street furniture


Community interventions: Cleaning up and redesigning public spaces, Creation of shared spaces for creative/culture activity


Classes: Visual art, Design, Performance art


Workshops: Visual art, Craft, Design, Performance art, Traditional performing art, Research skills


Research & Documentation: Research and community story collection (documents, oral history, text, publication/old photographs) Documentation methods: video and audio recording, scanning, writing and shooting.

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Contact Details: 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+6019-6838 397

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PROJECTS                                                    DATE                                               SHORT DESCRIPTION

Project kampung seni

Dec 2006 -Dec 2007

Children’s drawing and performance workshop. 

“ Penang clan jetties festival”

July 2009

Children’s workshop, Performance,installation festival.

“Pudu community art project”

May- October 2010

Community art project

“Bukit cina community art project “

April – October 2011

Community art project三山九九-依井环山社区艺术计划-3399-Community-Art-Project/

Petaling street community art project

September 2011 -

Preservation cultural movement.   

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Resources & Additional Links

Printed collaterals: cultural map, coffee table book ,leaflet

Video: oral history interview video

Other: community building site models

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