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Kota Kita

Project Manager/Coordinator/Administrator/Facilitator (Registered Company)

Langauges spoken: 

Bahasa Malaysia, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hakka


Based in Community:



Target age groups: 

Children aged 13-17

Youth aged 18 above and young adult


Ethnic Group:



Mission/Personal Statement:

“Kota Kita is a non-profit organisation based in KL with a mission to deepen a local community’s appreciation for its unique culture using creative mediums.”


Community-based work interests: 

Address issues in the community

Cultural documentation

Build creative skills


Types of community where work is conducted: 

RESIDENTIAL: Urban, Urban village

residential, type of housing area: Housing estate, Apartment blocks/Flats, Kampung


Types of activity: 

Organising events: Festival, Showcase/performance/exhibition


Public art: Outdoor sculpture/installation


Community interventions: Creative activities for improved livelihood


Workshops: Design, Film/photography, Craft, Acting/drama, Skills related to project management/facilitation: Facilitator training workhop for artists & Facilitator training workshop for teenagers (ex-Chow Kit Kita participants), Research skills


Research & Documentation: Research about a community based on a selected theme/cultural aspect. Research topics are determined by project participants and usually range from history to practices. Research data is documented through brochures, social media/blogs, installations, photographs etc.

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Contact Details: 

Cheras, Selangor


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PROJECTS                              DATE                                               SHORT DESCRIPTION

Projek Chow Kit Kita

July 2010-2013

Community mapping project to improve Chow Kit’s image & empower Chow Kit teenagers.

Projek Rumah Ibadat Kita

May 2012

Community mapping project to map the various worship places in different communities across Malaysia.

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Resources & Additional Links

Young Facilitators Workshop Modules

rinted collaterals: maps, brochures

Products: tee-shirts, tote bags, maps

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