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in each Profile is the responsibility of the respective survey respondents at the time of survey between February-April 2014

Kuah Li Feng

Artist-Facilitator, Cultural worker, Project Manager/Coordinator/Administrator


Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Hakka


Based in community:



Target age groups:

Older generation/retirees




Mission/Personal Statement:

Oral history specialisation 


Community-based work interests:

Cultural documentation 

Raise awareness 

Art education


Types of community where work is conducted: 

Residential: Urban

Non-Residential: Association, Other: Ex-residents

Residential, type of housing area: Other: Commerical town 

Types of activity:

Organising events: Showcase/performance/exhibition 


Public art and design:

Outdoor sculpture/installation


Community interventions: Creation of shared spaces for creative/culture activity,


Other: Oral History projects 


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Contact Details: 

PROJECTS                                DATE                                               SHORT DESCRIPTION

Living Museum

2011, 2012

Curated event in conjunction with George Town Heritage Celebration

Cherita Lebuh Chulia


Oral History documentation project and curated related programme in conjunction with George Town Heritage Celebration

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Resources & Additional Links

Facebook group page

Cherita Lebuh Chulia

Printed collaterals:

small publications: booklets and brochures




Memories of Chulia Street

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