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Pangrok Sulap

Artist, Artist-Facilitator, Community representative/liaison, Project Manager/Coordinator/Administrator (Non-formal group, arts collective)

Langauges spoken: 

Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin


Based in Community:



Target age groups: 



Ethnic Group:



Mission/Personal statement:

“Membuat poster cungkil kayu sebagai pesanan kepada masyarakat tentang permasalahan rakyat di tempat kami. Ini juga suatu protes. Seni kami sebagai pesan dan protes.”


“Making woodcut posters as a message to the people about social problems in our neighbourhoods. This is also a form of protest. Our art acts as a message and a form of protest.


Community-based work interests:

Raise awareness

Transform consciousness

Give exposure to the community


Types of community where work is conducted

Residential: Rural 

Type of housing area: Kampung, interiors


Types of activity: 

Organising events: Showcase/performance/exhibition


Public art and design: Wall murals, Outdoor sculpture/installation, street furniture 


Community interventions: Cleaning up and redesigning public spaces, Creative activities for improved livelihood, Creation of shared spaces for creative/culture activity, Raising awareness amongst community


Classes: Design, Craft, Music, Performance, Woodcut 


Workshops: Design, Craft, Music, Performance, Woodcut, Book-making, Making clothes, Recycling furniture


Research & Documentation: through workshops and using social media


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Contact Details: 

Ranau Sabah.

+6016-881 7847 / +016-576 9860

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PROJECTS                                DATE                                               SHORT DESCRIPTION

Labuan Arts Festival

November 2012

Arts festival in Labuan

S K Tinannom Ranau

October 2012

Volunteer work to beautify a school

Rumah Putera Harapan

August 2012

Volunteer work with orphanage in Ranau

Rumah Kanak-kanak

Sept 2013

Woodcut workshop and t-shirt printing workshops, Don Basco.


December 2013

Woodcut workshop at Titiwangsa

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Resources & Additional Links

Products: posters, books, t-shirts

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