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Our profiles of Community-based Arts & Culture Workers features arts and culture practitioners who situate their work in, with and for communities. Organised as groups or individuals and arranged alphabetically by name, each profile will tell you who is doing what, with whom, where, and give you a snapshot of their work. Their practice is diverse, with some devoted to a single community, and others that work on a project-basis with different types of communities. They also come from all over Malaysia, but at present most are situated in west coast of the Peninsula Malaysia and the majority of these are in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley. (We are sure that there are more practitioners based in or operating in many more different parts of the country, though, and we hope they become part of the network!)




  1. Urban, rural, residential, non-residential

  2. Awareness-raising, transforming space, exposure to community, address

  3. Street fair, festival, showcase/ performance, workshop, public art, public space, research, cultural mapping.

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